Sailboat on Lake Michigan Near South Haven Michigan

There Is More To This Photo Than Meets The Eye

What do you see?

Surely you note the wisp of a cloud against the deep blue sky, the sand below the clear Lake Michigan water, the wind-driven ripples forming on the surface, and the solitary sailboat on the horizon.

Sailboat on Lake Michigan Near South Haven Michigan

Now look again. But this time, imagine yourself on the sailboat. In one direction, looking back towards the coast, you can just begin to see people walking along the shoreline, impressive lakefront homes the size of match boxes, and soaring trees no larger than blades of grass. In the other direction, looking into the horizon, you’re unable to see across the vastness of Lake Michigan to the other side. Changing your perspective can change everything: What is sometimes large & overwhelming can become small & insignificant. Southwest Michigan offers us perspective in countless ways.

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More Than Meets The Eye
Article Name
More Than Meets The Eye
There is more to this photo than meets the eye. Do you see what is missing? Lakefront in Southwest Michigan.
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